When we are feeling stuck in our life, it is usually because we are resisting something that we don’t want to see, feel, experience or acknowledge. And usually, when we feel like this, it is because we are STUCK IN OUR HEAD.  We are over thinking, thoughts and stories are cycling around in our mind and needlessly ruminating about past events or circumstances. And ironically, by staying focused on the worry’s and problems, we don’t actually figure anything out… inevitably stay stuck in the problem.  

Stuckness will show up differently for all us as we are unique beings with our own personality & soul, however, no matter who we are, there are some simple tricks to help you get out of a stuck feeling, mindset or situation.


Here are 3 things you can begin with:

1. Create more STILL & QUIET TIME in your life. 

More quiet and still could look like 30 secs of meditation in the middle of a busy day or week-long retreat away from work and busy-ness. Either way, this has the potential to switch our rational thinking brain back-on, so we can think more clearly, which improves our problem solving ability and allows us to make better decisions.

As soon as we come into stillness, we slow down our physical body. And when the physical body slows down the breath will follow which is connected to our nervous system, shifting our fight & flight response to more of a relaxed state. Once the breath and nervous system slow down, then the mind and thoughts can also slow down and become quieter.

Being in a quiet space will have a similar effect. Finding a quiet corner in your house away from noisy children and animals or finding some nature to be in during your lunch break, such as sitting on a park bench or resting on a grassy patch. Being in nature, by the way, is one of the best things we can do for our mental health. When we minimise the stimulation of our 5 senses, we naturally reduce anxiety and overwhelm which is often associated by feeling stuck. So when we can sit quietly with closed eyes

 NOTE:  This is ideal for people who experience stuck as:  ungrounded, overwhelmed and anxious



How we begin our morning plants seeds for the rest of our day, so our morning routine & rituals have the potential to set up our day in a positive & productive way. Again this comes down to our individual preferences, however there are some basic guidelines that will serve and support all of us:

EXERCISE.. This is top of this list… if you are feeling stuck, this is one of the number 1# ways to get unstuck. This is because when we exercise we discharge stored emotion as energy and ‘stress hormones’ such as adrenaline and cortisol. The stress hormones are then replaced with ‘feel good hormones such as endorphins and dopamine.  And when we feel stuck, so do our muscles, joints and physical structure. And when movement helps to loosen up our physical body then our mind can loosen up also, allowing any stuckness to shift a little or a lot.

NOTE: Exercise is ideal for people who experience feeling stuck as heavy, depressed and down.


HEALTHY FOOD. Food is a very personal choice and depends on our individual constitution and digestive capacity. Regardlness, wholefoods consumed in their original state are best,  such as fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, fish & meat protein… rather than packaged and processed foods. Most of us, need to get our stomach fired up in the morning so starting with warm tea or cooked foods is best, rather than cold juices or smoothies for thing. 

Most importantly, whatever you chose to eat or drink, ideally makes you feel energised. This is a sign tha you have digested well and received nourishment from the food or drink.


BEING ORGANISED.. Feeling prepared for your day can make a huge difference as to how it unfolds. When we start our day feeling disorganised and unprepared, we can feel like we are on always on the back foot adding to the confusion, overwhelm and disorientation. 

When we create regular routines and daily rituals, our entire system responds magically, especially our nervous system. In the same way that a baby responds well to routine, so do adults !!


3. Get clear on what you DO want

Perhaps you know the old yoga saying, ‘where our thoughts go the energy flows’. This idea is also supported by the Law of Attraction which is based on the premis that what we put our attention on, we will manifest.  This principle, however, works both way.

When we feel stuck in our life, our immediate reaction is to go into FIX-IT mode and put our focus on the problem, the issue, the body symptom, the perpetrator or the story.  What this does however, is simply channel even more energy into the problem itself.  Certainly, we don’t want more problems and issues.  This can be thought of as a PROBLEM STRUCTURE. 

Instead, we can shift into a different way of looking at things called a CREATIVE STRUCTURE. This is simply putting our focus on what we WOULD LIKE to create, to attract, to manifest.  Therefore, we energise, call in and magnetise what we want in our life. 

This is a simple idea, however, actually training our mind to stay focused on our desired outcome is more challenging than it sounds. Our common thoughts get worn down into groove-like channels like dusty old river beds, and when it rains, the water will inevitably flow down the most worn-in channel. Therefore, the more we think a thought, the easier it is to keep thinking this thought. So changing our old thought patterns can require dedication, commitment and diligence. 

NOTE: if you experience Stuck-ness as frustration or impatience, this a a wonderful remedy for you because you can feel a sense of achievement by getting started on a project or end goal.

PLEASE NOTE: When we are facing very old emotions, stuck thought patterns, limiting beliefs and even trauma, we may require some assistance and support to help shift out of these old ways of thinking and being. In this case it advised to seek professional support.



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