Create the life you're longing for.

Using my Rapid Transformational Therapy, my Soul Purpose Journeys will help you get unstuck, find your clarity, direction, purpose and passion.

Hi I'm Emma.

Psychotherapist, Life Coach, truth seeker, yogi & mother. What I truly want you to know is that it doesn’t have to take 20 years of therapy to make powerful changes, within you or your life.  Transformation can be gentle, fast & effective.

Emma Louise Roger - Psychotherapist, yoga therapist, trauma therapist, life coach, wellness coach

Finding your soul's purpose is possible. And it can happen fast.

Together we can quickly…

  • Shift anxiety and emotional blocks
  • Clear dysfunctional patterns & limiting  beliefs

so you can easily ….

  • Rediscover your beautiful self
  • Find your unique path and
  • Live the life you are destined for
  • Become the best version of yourself

I have done this for myself … and I can do this with you.

I know the pain of feeling stuck without direction, purpose or passion.

I felt it for such a long time. Stuck in my life, indecisive, confused & lacking direction or purpose. It can be a really confusing and painful experience. I have been there. Stuck at cross road 


Soul Purpose Journeys

Every Soul Purpose Journey is custom created for your stage of life, needs, temperment, your ayuervdic constitution

Some of the transformational therapies I may use in Soul Purpose Journeys together include:

A gentle somatic technique to shift anxiety, old patterns or trauma

Creates a safe container for anything challenging that may arise

Offers a powerful structure to envision your desired goals and dreams

Creates a healthy foundation for your transformation and daily life

Let me help you transform in 5 easy steps

  1. First we prepare for your transformation
  2. Allow yourself to dream big without settling
  3. Break through barriers holding you back
  4. Discover your life Dharma
  5. Walk your unique path with passion & purpose

Live courageously & take the next step …

How I’ve helped others just like you

  • 'I love the way you hold space during the session.
  • Your sensitivity for this work is impeccable.
  • Your gut sense about where to go with it is always astonishing.
  • Your personality is simply perfect for such deep subtle emotional work.'

​~Martina, Counselling Client

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Emma Louise Roger - Yoga Therapist

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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any"

― Alice Walker

A gift for you

Emma Louise Roger - Yoga Therapist

Enter your details below & receive a 5 minute Calming Meditation