Hi, I'm Emma

Woman. Mother.Yogini.
Spiritual Truthseeker.

I have dedicated my
life to finding my passions, potential & Soul Purpose.

For over 30 years, I have been on a truth seeking quest to discover my life purpose & divine dharma.  The journey has taken me around the world to study ancient & powerful practices, therapies and systems of healing & health.

As a teen I followed a conventional path, studying, then working in business & marketing.  By the time I was 25, I was miserable with my office job and knew that my soul wanted a career that came from my heart and also gave me flexibility & freedom.

So I set off to travel the world and ‘find myself’ on a soul seeking adventure.  While living in Paris, I first discovered yoga and knew it was going to change my  life.  

When I moved to New York City a  few years later I was still confused about my life path, & tried several different career options.  Then one day while in a yoga class, I had a light bulb moment & realised that my soul purpose was right in front of my nose… I wanted to share yoga with others! And so began my yoga teaching career

After spending several months in India, studying more Yoga & Ayurveda, I returned to Australia & immediately fell pregnant with my first child. and discovered the book, The Red Tent. Here was conceived the idea for Red Tent Yoga, which was birthed a few years later after a 2nd child and moving to the yoga mecca, Byron Bay.

Over the next several years, I experienced much adversity such as marriage breakdown,  health crisis & recovered trauma. These experiences redirected me onto  a new path of my souls journey. I went on to study Psychotherapy, Havening & Life Coaching,  With each new modality, I experienced rapid & powerful breakthroughs. Intuition called me to study, evolve & take the next step on my soul path. 

Seeking out our Soul Purpose, can be a scary & confronting experience. It may mean stepping out on a limb and going against convention or what seems to make sense. However, the gems and rewards that one receives offers clarity, confidence, a strong sense of self,  satisfaction, purposeful direction and a fulfilling life!  Trust me – it is well worth taking the ride.

My Red Tent Philosophy

In 2009, I had a spontaneous spark of intuition to create Red Tent Yoga, a sacred space supporting the feminine,  for 15 years, with yoga, spiritual practices, movement, healing, devotional music & more.

During this time,  I’ve learnt that we all need a red tent…

  • To feel grounded, nourished, held and supported during menstruation, childbirth or illness.
  • As a healing space to grieve, reflect, recover, rejuvenate and rebuild our power.
  • And a creative space where our intuition, ideas & soul purpose can come alive.

A Red Tent can be a physical space, a virtual space or an imagined place within us

No matter which we chose, it is an essential ingredient for us to thrive in the modern world.

My Red Tent Philosophy

As the founder & creator Red Tent Yoga, a sacred space for women & the community, I know how important it is to have safe and sacred spaces in our life.

It is a grounded space to feel nourished, held and supported..

A healing space to grieve, reflect, recover, rebuild our power and rejuvenate.

A creative space where our intuition & purpose can come alive.

A Red Tent can be:  a real space, a virtual space or an imagined place within us.

No matter how we chose to create our own Red Tent, I believe is important for us all because it provides a secure, safe, grounded & nurturing place to come back to again & again.

We all need a sacred space to thrive

When we take the time to be still, present and look within, we connect with our inherent knowing and intuition. 

As the unravelling takes place and the layers peel away, we discover an inner world of wisdom, joy & bliss that is our natural state, always available to us. 

It is from this place where we can live, love, work, make loving choices & manifest our dreams.

And after 30 years of ‘doing the work’, I have experienced first hand that by turning inward, cocooning & receiving support, healing can be easeful and emotions, trauma & ‘stuckness’ can shift rapidly.

And this is the safely held space that I offer you as a client in our sessions. 

I warmly welcome you.

Emma x

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