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Havening Technique® is a psycho-sensory based process that uses touch to catalyse chemical changes in the brain and allows painful emotions and trauma to be de-linked from past memories quickly, naturally and safely. 

A stroking of the arms, hands or face creates an electro-chemical reaction in the memory centre of the brain that can change the way we remember & feel about past events. The touch can be applied by the Havening practitioner or by the client, whatever the client is most comfortable with.

By naturally generating the slow, relaxed Delta Brain Waves, the Havening technique helps to break trauma induced pathways in the body and nervous system, de-link triggering memories, and remove their negative effects from both our psyche and our body.

Since training with the founder of Havening, Dr Ron Rudin in New York City, USA, I have witnessed first-hand, for myself and others, how quickly and easily the Havening Technique® can resolve and remove the layers of traumatic pathways many of us live with, allowing for a fresh & liberated start at life.

Areas that Havening can help with:

Do you experience thoughts, emotions and beliefs that cycle around keeping you stuck?

Do you have phobias or life long fears that you would like to get over?

Are you living with trauma or PTSD that’s holding you back?

Do you experience thoughts, emotions and beliefs that cycle around keeping you stuck?

Do you have phobias or life long fears that you would like to get over?

Are you living with trauma or PTSD that’s holding you back?

What happens during a Havening session?

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    First, we spend some time discussing what is concerning, upsetting you or not working in your life. We continue talking until we connect with a highly charged memory or emotion. Importantly, this associated memory or feeling is only briefly recalled for just several seconds.
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    Then the Havening Technique is applied to bring you into deeply relaxed and transformational state. Within a matter of minutes the old behaviour or reaction is deactivated by de-linking the emotion or memory from the associate neural pathway in the brain. There will most likely be layers to address, so the havening technique is repeated a few or even several times in each session, depending on the nature of your stress or trauma. Usually by this point, the initial memory or emotion has softened or lost it's charge.
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    We always complete the session with at least 1 positive affirmation to replace whatever has been cleared out during the session. By the end of the session, you will most likely be feeling extremely relaxed and most clients report feeling lighter, more positive and energised.
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    As a bonus, you learn how to apply Havening to yourself, so you are able to take Havening home with you. This means you can develop a self-practice to sooth your nerves if anxious or upset, help you get to sleep or you may utilise Havening while doing positive affirmations.

What it’s like to experience Havening

Thank you does not seem to truly express my appreciation but thank you I must. I have spent a lifetime trying to improve my mental health, and with my upbringing of abuse, it has been a lifetime struggle. That was until I started Havening with you.

I must admit to a certain degree of disbelief when we first discussed this form of treatment but I am now a 100% convert. You and it have literally transformed my life, my outlook on everything from my past and my newfound hope for my future.

~ Lois Vickery-Hall, Havening Client

Thank you Emma for such a beautiful session last week. You are a gifted practitioner of this work and I feel like we found our way into some deep and tender territory from my childhood that was looking for acknowledgement and attention. Being met with kindness and the physical act of “Havening” had a very beneficial effect on my nervous system and I am remaining aware to the ongoing shifts in my trauma patterning after our session. I highly recommend Emma as a practitioner of this somatic therapy. She is a kind and gentle and very intuitive. With Love & Gratitude.

~Kate Reed, Women’s Circle Facilitator & Trainer

Liberate yourself from endless cycles of distressing emotions & traumatic patterns

Havening Frequently Asked Questions

The principles of havening are based on the belief that trauma and stressful life events are stored in the brain & nervous system, and triggered by inadvertent or accidental recall. Symptoms of stress and trauma are experienced after a recall episode.

The Havening Technique creates the slow delta wave state that we enter during deep dreamless sleep. Once in in this relaxed state, the Havening Technique is designed to disrupt this pathway through a process called synaptic depotentiation so an inadvertent recall no longer produces those emotions. 

In other words, painful or traumatic feelings or memories become diffused, distant or can become almost non-existant.

Havening Techniques have been shown to help with phobias, chronic pain, distressing memories, anger, fear of abandonment, grief, cravings and addiction, PTSD, panic attacks, emotional eating, single event and complex trauma experiences.

No. During Havening Techniques you are always aware of your feelings, thoughts, and surroundings during in the process. You will be deeply relaxed, but your are not being hypnotised.

Yes, absolutely! The wonderful thing about Havening is that it can be done as a self-practice by the client. So while the client practices the Havening technique on themself at home, the qualified practitioner can guide the client through the Havening processes while online, in the same way they would in a face-to-face session. This is just as effective, with rapid and successful results.

Understanding what is triggering a symptom or memory is not required to have a successful Havening session. Often once the client begins the Havening process and moves into the slow delta brain wave state, old memories may arise this way. Alternatively, Havening may be done content-free without needing to talk so can be done in silence or minimal conversation.

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