Life Coaching

Life Coaching.

Find your unique path & life purpose

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Life Coaching is a creative oriented approach that draws on the connection to our higher mind & unlimited potential. Together, we look at your current situation & find easeful ways to work towards your future goals & dreams in a positive, flowing & long lasting way.

If you are reading this, you are probably ready to make some changes in your life. Have you tried different approaches & keep cycling around ending up where you started?


Whether you are clear about your goals or confused about your direction & purpose,  Superconsious Life Coaching can help you gain that clarity and razor sharp focus that you are seeking.

SUPERCONSCIOUS COACHING  is a unique  system that draws on ancient alchemic principles of creation with modern day quantum principles. We use a magnetic, creative model that  naturally allows for transformation & reaching your outcomes. 

In coaching sessions, we journey together in a holistic way, unravelling your deep longings, life dreams and goals, allowing you to focus on what your truly want to create in life.


Along the way, we will discover & work through obstacles that have been holding you back from moving forward in your life.  As you take action steps towards your goals, we clear any resistance that may arise in the process.

In this process you may experience spontaneous breakthroughs and rapid transformation that allows you to believe and embody your true potential.


In our sessions, I bring together a background in business, marketing as the founder of Red Tent Yoga, with an approach in mindfulness, with years as a yoga therapist, healer & psychotherapist. 

With a client focused and holistic approach, you will be supported to bring your goals, dreams or new business ideas to life in a sustainable way. By developing realistic steps and strategies, we ensure that you have the potential to reach your end goals.

What Life Coaching can give you

Are there areas of your life that feel stuck or blocked?

Do you procrastinate, lack motivation or direction?

Do you have goals, dreams or business ideas that you are ready to make come true?

Do you want more clarity on the direction of your life & your life purpose?

Are you ready to reach your full potential?

Are there areas of your life that feel stuck or blocked?

Do you procrastinate, lack motivation or direction?

Do you have goals, dreams or business ideas that you are ready to make come true?

Do you want more clarity on the direction of your life & your life purpose?

Are you ready to reach your full potential?

What happens during a life coaching session?

  • 1.
    Firstly, we will spend time discussing your immediate goals and long term dreams and ideas. This may involve some inner work and manifesting practices, or simply talking things through.
  • 2.
    Next we take a look at your current life reality. Here we flesh out details of various aspects of your life or specific areas that you want to work on. This may include situations, values, beliefs that surround your present day choices and reality.
  • 3.
    In this process we may nudge up against blocks, fears or reasons that are holding you back in your life. Here we get creative about finding ways to help you move through or around various obstacles getting in your way.
  • 4.
    Usually by the end of the session, you will experience more insight, understanding and perspective that offers more clarity on your situation or dilemma.
  • 5.
    From this new perspective and clarity, together we will create some strategies and immediate steps that will help you move towards your end goal, between this session and the next.

What others have said about life coaching with Emma

“I found Emma to be very caring and supportive throughout the journey. I felt her 100% focus & connection in every session, and a real depth of knowledge and skills. 
We worked on exactly what I wanted to focus on and finsished with a very clear vision for the future.
Emma is an outstanding coach.  I highly recommend her. 

~ Suzanne, Australia

‘Emma leverages her decades of experience in yoga, psychotherapy to provide a truly holistic and powerful coaching experience, helping me to unblock and unlock my potential ‘

~ Jamie, Spain

Emma has a very rare combination of skills that are nurturing, intuitive and also potent and powerful. She brings a strong feminine healing force into each session.
I recommend Emma as both a therapist and a coach, because she not only supports tending to the resolution of challenges, she also ensures that the focus is on moving through and forward into a brighter life and purpose”

~ Libby, Australia

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” ~ Rumi

Life Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling usually involves looking back at your life by diving deep into childhood and past experiences to help resolve current issues. 

Life coaching on the other hand is future focused and solution oriented. We take a look at your current situation and find creative ways to assist you towards your future goals and dreams in a positive & long lasting way way.

Life coaching is right for you if you feel ready to make some positive and empowering changes in your life.  As a Life Coach, I will guide, support, guide and at times, challenge you.  You will be ready to take action and 'do the work'. Success wont happen without your involvement and  commitment.

Yes absolutely, Life Coaching works very well online. You can be in the privacy of your own home while you explore you goals & dreams, and any barriers or vulnerabilities in a safe place.

Since coaching is working towards future goals, it does involve steps, strategies and a process that will require at least several sessions to see you get to your end point. 

A minimum of 5 sessions is required, however, ideally a set of 10 sessions is recommended to ensure crystal clear clarity, transformation and measurable positive life changes.

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