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Red Tent Yoga has been rebirthed ...

Specialised counselling & coaching support for women in pregnancy and motherhood

Hi, I'm Emma

Founder of Red Tent Yoga. I have been specialising in women’s health for pregnant women & mothers for over 20 years through yoga, ayurveda, support groups,  birth workshops and more.

Now, as an experienced psychotherapist, I am offering perinatal counselling to pregnant women and mothers to help adjusting to  the new pressures of life & relationship changes. 

Havening Therapy we can also shift painful memories & emotions associated with traumatic birth experiences.

Perinatal Counselling

  • Be supported through your journey of pregnancy, birth and moterhood
  • A safe space to talk about concerns & fears
  • Feel more mentallly prepared for your birth
  • Postnatal concerns, birth complications or adjustments as a mother

Specialisted Psychotherapy for pregnancy & postnatal mothers

Sessions available in person in Byron Bay area or remotely on zoom. 

Community rates available.

Birth Trauma
Therapy Sessions

  • Did your recent birth feel especially challenging, upsetting or traumatic
  • Are you having "flashbacks' from the birth?
  • Feeling unusually emotional, anxious, teary or depressed ?
  • Do you keep re-living the birth experience?
  • Struggling to connect with your baby?

‘It is possible to gently release stuck emotions, painful memories from a traumatic birth using a somatic technique called Havening

                   ~ Emma Louise Roger



Birth Trauma can be shifted in a matter of sessions.

Reclaim your life so you can be the

best mother you can be for your baby.

SUPERCONSCIOUS BIRTH is a proven method to shift unconscious blocks that may be in the way to you having your dream birth.

Partners & doulas welcome to join the sessions for free.

Superconscious Birth Private Sessions

  • Recognise & shift anxiety & fears around the birth
  • Create the birth you want thru vidualisation
  • Clear unconscious hidden blocks for an easeful birth
  • Learn calming practices for pregnancy & birth

For more information and details book a free call with Emma


Love Your Body Program

  • Do you seem to be constantly dieting?
  • Struggling with body image post birth?
  • Often feel tired, sluggish & low appetite?
  • Do you find yourself eating when you are bored, upset or emotional?
  • Always thinking about food or obsessing about your body?
  • Become conscious of how, why and when you eat
  • Learn INTUITIVE TOOLS to listen to your body & making loving food choices
  • Understand your body constitution and digestion using Ayurvedic Principles
  • Look at and resolve deep core beliefs about yourself that affect the way you eat
  • Learn how to let go of dieting, weight-loss programs and calorie counting
  • Develop practices and tools using yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and self-enquiry
  • Find ways to honour yourself and your body and eat from a place of Love

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