Red Tent Offerings

Red Tent Offerings

Feminine Support For
Every Stage of Life

Yoga Classes

Experience a deeply. feminine and intuitive style of yoga with Emma, founder of Red Tent Yoga.  Classes include:  Prenatal Yoga, Feminine Flow &  more.


Enter the Red Tent sacred space for workshops & sitting in circle. Retreat from your daily life & in a matter of hours: rest, release, reflect, re-focus and transform.


Come on a journey that honours your feminine & connects you with your inner wisdom.  From this intutive place you can make powerful choices & love your life.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

  • Weekly Yoga Classes for all stages of pregnancy
  • Stretch & release tight muscles & open your hips
  • Learn breathwork & techniques for birth
  • Feel prepared & positive about your birth
  • Connect with other local pregnant women

Times:              Wednesdays 5pm

Address:           Ocean Shores

Provided:          Yoga mat, props, water & tea

Price:                  $25 per class

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Yoga with Emma

  • Looking for a way to increase your energy levels?
  • Want to get into your body & shake things off?
  • Gently release old, stuck emotions & trauma
  • Activate your shakti power to live a more full life
  • Let go of old patterns & allow space for a new way

Emma has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and has created a powerful system integrating traditional yoga with feminine practices to feel more energy in your body & liberated in your life.

Private Individual Sessions or

Private Group Bookings Available


Superconscious Birth Private Workshop

  • 2 hour workshop for all stages of pregnancy
  • Recognise & shift anxiety & fears around the birth
  • Create the birth you want thru vidualisation
  • Learn calming practices for pregnancy & birth
  • Connect with other pregnant women

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Birth Workshop
for Couples

2.5 hour Workshop just for you & your partner

  • Are you pregnant and want to connect more deeply with your partner as you prepare for birth
  • Do you want to prepare for the birth of your baby
  • Learn birthing tools together with your partner
  • Discover how you want to be supported in birth
  • Feel more confident & calm for your birth

In this Workshop you & your partner will learn:

  • The stages of labour & suitable birth positions for each stage
  • Birth tools including breath & vocalisation techniques
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques to stay calm throughout the birth
  • Communication skills for a positive birth experience.
  • How to work together as a team by setting up support strategies

Emma is a mother of 2, the founder of Red Tent Yoga & has been passionately supporting pregnant women & partners in preparation for birth for over 20 years.


Love your body

  • Do you seem to be constantly dieting?
  • Does your weight yo-yo up and down?
  • Are you often trying new diets that are hard to stick to or don’t work?
  • Do you find yourself eating when you are bored, upset or emotional?
  • Do seem to always be thinking about your weight, on the scales or obsessing about food all the time?

LOVE YOUR BODY is a Wellness Program that offers lifelong tools using Yoga, Ayurveda , Coaching & Self-Inquiry to develop a healthy relationship with your mind, body and food – and ultimately with the people and world around you.

​The Love Your Body program helps you to:

  • Become conscious of how, why and when you eat
  • Learn INTUITIVE TOOLS to listen to your body & making loving food choices
  • Understand your body constitution and digestion using Ayurvedic Principles
  • Look at and resolve deep core beliefs about yourself that affect the way you eat
  • Learn how to let go of dieting, weight-loss programs and calorie counting
  • Develop practices and tools using yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and self-enquiry
  • Find ways to honour yourself and your body and eat from a place of Love

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Superconscious Birth
4 Week Program

  • Are you wanting to birth consiously?
  • Want to shift emotional blocks to a calm birth?
  • Develop your intuition for better birth decisions
  • Have deeper connections with your partner & baby
  • Remove unconsious barriers for a natural birth

SUPERCONSCIOUS BIRTH is more than a program or course ...
it is a new conscious way of approaching birth.

What is our Superconsious ?
This is our level of consiousness that allows us to tap into the intuitive field and shift limiting beliefs, resistance and patterns that may be blocking our experience of a calm, conscious and even enjoyable birth..

The Superconsious Birth program helps you to:

  • Become conscious of what are your current beliefs and feelings around birth
  • Develop your intuition to listen to your body & to make loving choices for your & your baby
  • Connect with the Superconsious field of information & get to chose the birth you want
  • Get clear on what your ideal birth looks & feels like
  • Shift limiting beliefs,
  • Develop practices and tools using yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and self-enquiry
  • Find ways to honour yourself and your body and eat from a place of Love

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